Some detail for you on what we know about this Hun:
  • We would argue that this is quite likely the lowest flight time F-100 in existence.
  • This aircraft arrived at Chanute early in its life and stayed there as a maintenance training aircraft.  We believe its last flight was around 1960.
  • We were advised that the cockpit was stripped out when we transported the F-100 to Bloomington; we found that the cockpit is intact with only two instruments missing. A trip back to the late 1950’s!
  • When you pull access panels, there are dates, signatures and base information in pencil from the multitude of airmen that trained on her over the years.
  • It was not a Thunderbird aircraft, but painted in the colors in the 1970’s. We have maintained that paint scheme.
  • When P.A.M. moved the aircraft, it was hauled as a complete aircraft and has the notoriety of being the widest load ever approved for transport on the Illinois highway system.
Let us know if we can assist further!
Best regards,
Steve Schmidt
President – Board of Directors
Prairie Aviation Museum