Subject: After Action Report, Final Super Sabre Society Reunion April 16th – 19th at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

From: Mike Dean, Chief Operations Officer FSS

Approximately 200 HUN pilots and guests attended the last reunion of the Super Saber Society. Dewey Clawson CEO of the Society did a wonderful job of putting together and executing the program over the three-day event.

Dewey did mention SSS Board of Directors voted unanimously to recommend to the membership that the society go out of business at the end of this year. According to the SSS Bylaws two-thirds of the membership must approve of the recommendation to be effective, which was achieved.

As in past reunions the FSS has always been included on the reunion agenda. This reunion was no exception, Ken Ramsay, FSS Director provided a slide presentation of each display in the Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit at the MAPS Air Museum. Clearly, Ken’s presentation increased the awareness of what has been accomplished amongst the membership in a very positive way.

Additionally, Ken’s wife, Sharon (Master Quilter) displayed the completed 2 year “Flight Suit Project” which consists of 162 name tags and wing/squadron patches quilted over flight suits. It is an amazing 8’ X 6’ piece of “Artwork”.

Aviation ICON Dick Rutan donated two autograph cases of his best seller, “The Next Five Minutes” Embracing the Impossible to the FSS. Interested attendees provided a donation of their choice and the books went at a quick pace. Only three copies remain and are available through the MAPS gift shop.

Also, my wife, Linda and I announced to the membership regarding our planned dedication of the Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit slated for Saturday, September 14, 2024, at the MAPS Air Museum.  We have received several positive inquiries about attending. More details of the event will follow in the near term.

In closing, this reunion was a total success. Everyone had a great time, there were no sad faces. I believe the SSS accomplished their mission of bringing past friends together and making new friendships as well. With a few tall tales and lies along the way, of course!