Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit

The Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit was a dream of the Friends of the Super Sabre co-founder, Bob Dunham.  Bob started the collection of memorabilia donated by other F-100 Super Sabre pilots and crew chiefs.  He never got to see his dream come true, but the Friends of the Super Sabre (FSS), Super Sabre Society (SSS) and MAPS Air Museum are continuing the mission to have the finest display of F-100 history in the world.

The exhibit is developing nicely in the newly renovated second floor of the MAPS Air Museum.  Several displays are already in place with more to come as time permits.  Outside the SSME you will be greeted by a F-100 remote control model with a 6′ wingspan.  This model has fully functional flight controls, landing gear, canopy and lights.  It was donated to the museum by it’s owner Steve DeGroote, son of SSS Al DeGroote (RIP).

Upon entering the SSME you will see Colonel Bud Day’s mess dress jacket, ribbons and medal of honor with a brief history of his Air Force career.   As you progress around the large room, you will view the various periods and missions of the  F-100 Super Sabre.

On the back wall is a large wooden model depicting the front view of an F-100 coming out of the wall built and donated by Stan Swenson.  This is bracketed by the large front and back views of the Super Sabre Society challenge coin.

Scroll through the following pictures to view the current status of the displays.  Some are fully completed and others are in the early beginnings.