Membership to Friends of the Super Sabre is open to anyone and everyone with a love of aviation and the desire to accomplish and support the mission and goals of the organization.  There shall be no distinction between levels and classes of membership.  Simply applying for and/or requesting membership will be the primary requirement.  Once a member, membership will continue until a specific request to be removed is received.

There are no dues or membership fees, but we do ask for annual donations to help achieve our MISSION.  Donations of memorabilia (photos, collections, books, keepsakes, mementos, paintings, squadron plaques and artifacts) or anything you have or can acquire that is or was a part of the F-100 era will be used to create the F-100 Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit. Examples include old advertisements, newspaper clippings, lithographs, as well as equipment and items that were part of the F-100 – aircraft parts, tools, support equipment, inert weapons, even support items that were used or were associated with places where the F-100 and her keepers were stationed.

You can become a member of the FSS by making a membership request via the MESSAGE page, making a FINANCIAL donation or CONTRIBUTING memorabilia.