Articles about the Friends of the Super Sabre organization.

The rear wall of the Super Sabre Memorial room is drywalled and primed for paint and air conditioning was turned on August 10th. 

Super Sabre Society President Tom Griffith visited the MAPS Air Museum on Saturday, August 17th.

The Friends of the Super Sabre awarded its second Lt. Col. Robert L. Dunham Jr. Memorial Scholarship on May 21, 2019 to Cooper Hurin.  Cooper is a student at Portage Lakes Career Center, Uniontown, OH.  He is also enrolled in the Aeronautical Technology program at the Military Aviation Preservation Society Air Museum. 

The most recent newsletter can be read at link It contains the latest information on the Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit and the Super Sabre Society reunion.

Chief Operations Officer, Mike Dean compiled a thorough report of FSS activities at the Super Sabre Society Reunion.

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