I just completed our FSS project to update the list of F-100 static and museum displays around the world and post them on our web site https://friendsofthesupersabre.org under the Displays menu item.

I used Google Maps and marked every location of the 98 jets in the US, 33 in Europe and 15 in Taiwan.  The menu structure follows:

United States Map

Northwest United States Map

North Center United States Map

Northeast United States Map

Southwest United States Map

South Center United States Map

Southeast United States Map

Europe Map

Taiwan Map

The US Map is a consolidation of all six regional maps.

There is a colored aircraft model legend at the top of the each map.  Just below the legend there is a field where you can filter the list by aircraft model.  Below and right of the map is a search field where you can enter any criteria you want to look for.  This could be model, tail number, city, state, etc.

Below the map is a list of all aircraft displayed on the particular map.  Clicking on the flag or any part of the list will zoom the map to the exact location and pop-up a window with information about the aircraft.  This information includes the model, tail number and location.  There may also be links to the National Museum of the USAF, additional pictures, history and museum web site.

When you switch from the map to satellite display and zoom in real close you will see the Hun on display or museum location if the jet is inside.

Hope you enjoy this new updated list of Huns around the world and share it with all of your friends.

p.s.  If you have any additional pictures, I will be glad to add them to the web site.