FSS Board of Directors:  Pam Dunham, Bob Weston, Linda Dean, Mike Dean, Ken Ramsay

FSS Display:  Bob Weston, Linda Dean, Mike Dean

The Friends of the Super Sabre Staff recently attended the Super Sabre Society reunion in Las Vegas.  We provided a FSS logo gift bag with a new FSS brochure, Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit pen, newly designed F-100 pin and a donation form to all of the SSS attendees.  We also had a display of with pictures of the MAPS Air Museum and computer showing the FSS web site.

While there, we held a board meeting to discuss future plans.  We also amended the bylaws to add two more directors and elected Bettye Dunham and Ken Ramsay as Directors.

FSS members should watch for a newsletter in the mail with the latest information about the progress of the Friends of the Super Sabre and the Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit.