Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit room construction progress and estimated completion date

As stated previously, the entire second floor has been gutted and is know if various stages of reconstruction.  The back (outside) wall has been insulated, electric outlets installed, dry walled, and painted.  The next steps are: install HAVAC ducts, plumbing and tile work in bathrooms, rebuild room divider walls, additional electrical work for over head lighting, carpeting.  The estimated completion date is 18 months providing no major delays.  It is important to note that most of the work performed by students from the Portage Career Center during the school year and by volunteers from MAPS which is performed on a part-time weekly basis.  MAPS has made the decision to expand the size of the project and do it right the first time rather than doing a less than complete job. I believe this is the right approach and based on the work I have seen through out the facility, we will be very pleased with the results.  The rooms size is 29’X 24”, some rooms will be subdivided 29’X12’ which will be based on the contents and use of the room. If all memorabilia/artifacts contributions goes as expected the SSME should require the 29’X 24’ space.

Expenditures from FSS SSME fund

The FSS has been charged with $821.56 for our contribution of the gas line too our exhibit room space and $363.20 to reprint the FSS Tri-Fold brochure (1000 each).  These are minor charges at this point but will keep you posted as the construction proceeds.  We should expect further expenses dedicated to HAVAC, Pluming, Electrical, Lighting, Carpeting, and Bathrooms.

Exhibit Vignettes Review and Discussion

There was positive feed back form the curator staff regarding the 20 vignettes proposed.  Typical vignette formats were proposed by the curators and how they would be presented based on the 45 year life cycle of the Super Sabre.  I believe our visions for the exhibit are pretty much on the same page with the curators.  The critical step is to make sure the curators are provided the right mix of memorabilia/artifacts, pictures, and most importantly factual information to support each vignette.  I will be contacting the SSS and the Intake for their support.  If you have any other sources we should consider, please contact me with your suggestions. We can not come up short, its that important.

Discussion of back-light display cabinet of the “440” transparency

The curators and everyone else were WOW! by this presentation, it is impressive.  Right away the comment was, “this will be a focal point of the exhibit”. It is excellent and I need to thank the SSS for their generous gift, again.  The curators are anxious to proceed and hang it over the existing FSS exhibit in the Gallery of Hero’s that features Bob Dunham.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Portage Lakes Career Center and Lt. Col. Robert L. Dunham Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clearly this was one of the highlights of the entire day to officially establish this scholarship fund in the name of our Bob.  The recipient, Hannah Shockley was attending her aviation class and was completely taken by surprise.  Hannah is an outstanding choice as she excels in both academic and practical course work, maintains an exceptional attitude, a maturity level beyond her peers, and works with the highest level of honesty, integrity and responsibility.  In August, Hannah will enter the University of Cincinnati in the school of Aeronautical Engineering. I am certain Bob approves of this outstanding selection.

In attendance for this special moment was Dr. Ben Moore, Superintendent of the Portage Lakes Career Center, Mr. Jerry Patton, Aviation Technology Instructor, Linda Dean, Ken Ramsay, and myself.  This is clearly a WIN-WIN for Hannah, Portage Lakes Career Center, MAPS, and the FSS.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, Portage Lakes Career Center will conduct their Awards Ceremony to officially acknowledge Hannah’s achievements.  Our own Ken Ramsay has agreed to conduct the official presentation of the first Lt. Col. Robert L. Dunham Jr. Memorial Scholarship.  Thank You Ken.  Also, a big Thank You to Pam for her diligent work designing the scholarship certificate, wonderful work.

Reported by,

Mike Dean, COO Friends of the Super Sabre